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Cadeau pour DanRev issu du "Aventurisches Gotterwirken I"

Phex currents

Thieves of the night sky

The thieves of the night sky are servants of Phexens who have specialized in living as facade climbers, strays and burglars. To pursue their profession and ensure the success of their projects, their liturgies are much longer than usual.
Rule: Liturgies and ceremonies of spreading Phex (trade and shadow) work 50% longer.
Advanced Liturgy Special Skills: Master of Shadows, Omen, Improved Focus
Prerequisite: Special skill Tradition (Phexkirche)
AP value: 15 adventure points

Dealer of the list rich

The phex consecrated ones of the public temples, who concentrate above all on the merchant aspect of the God, call themselves merchants of the list rich. They are particularly able to sacrifice Phex in order to be rewarded with an easier success of their liturgies.
Rule: Merchants of the list rich can also use haggling with Phex (see page 36) for liturgies.
Advanced Liturgy Special Skills: Master of Trade, Good Trade, Flair for craftsmanship
Prerequisite: Special skill Tradition (Phexkirche)
AP value: 15 adventure points

Fox spy

The members of this current practice taking on the role of other people in order to spy for their God. They have brought the pretence of false identities to a true mastery, whether they try it with worldly skill or karmic powers.
Rule: Fox spies get a relief of 1. in checks for persuasions, disguises, liturgies, and ceremonies where they pretend to be someone else.
Advanced Liturgical Special Skills: Intimidating rebuke, Master of Shadows, Master of Trade
Prerequisite: Special skill Tradition (Phexkirche)
AP value: 15 adventure points

Good trade

Some cults seem to their consecrated ones a downright to convey a divine feeling for bargaining.
They are thus able to negotiate the price in advantage over other people.
Rule: If you have this special skill, you will get at a successful trial on trade (bargaining) a fixed bonus of +20% and can use the price up to a maximum of 80 % in his favour.
The use of this special skill causes 1 Level Trance.
Prerequisite: suitable liturgical style.
AP value: 10 adventure points

Flair for craftsmanship

Some consecrated persons have a gift with which they can determine the exact nature of an object can. So it is possible for them to know the exact age, the
to feel the value and quality of an object.
Rule: By means of this special skill a consecrated person can exact statements when touching 5 KR duration over an object. The player of the consecrated one puts a suitable sample to the test on a talent for craftsmanship (e.g. metalworking in a Sword, stone working on a gate made of stone, Woodworking in a wooden chair). The consecrated one QS/2 receives information about the object. The Player can choose from the categories Value, Quality
and age. The information should be precise be. The object has to be a handcrafted object. The use of this special skill causes 1 stage trance.
Prerequisite: matching liturgical style
AP value: 10 adventure points

Master of the (aspect)

This special skill allows a consecrated person to master an aspect of his divinity particularly well.
Rule: Liturgies and ceremonies of the chosen aspect of his tradition receive +1 FP (up to a maximum of 18 FP) at a successful trial. The general aspect cannot be chosen.
Prerequisite: suitable liturgical style
AP value: 25 adventure points

Intimidating rebuke

Some consecrated persons use intimidating gestures and signs of their faith to convince an opponent of the power of their God and thus gain an advantage in battle.

Rule: The consecrated one acquires a new use for the talent of intimidating by the special skill. The consecrated one can intimidate (threaten) its opponents during a fight in fear. It must spend 1 action for it. Her player then takes a test for intimidation (threat). Up to QS+1 other persons of their choice within their range of sight and hearing receive a penalty of -2 AT and -2 FK in the next combat round (the penalty is not cumulative with other applications of SF Deceitful Tactics or other SF that affect AT, Defence or FK).
Prerequisite: suitable liturgical style.
AP value: 15 adventure points

Liturgies of Phex:
Ban of Light* (Shadow)
Fall into nothingness* (shadow)
Silent* (shadow)
Mask (Shadow)
Moon view* (shadow)
Moon silver tongue* (trade)
Star shine* (trade)
Wieselflink* (Shadow)
Miraculous communication* (trade)

Ceremonies of Phex:
Fox figure (trade and shadow)
Fog body* (shadow)

la traduction est probablement très améliorable mais l'esprit est là je crois...
Ce sont les 3 "styles" du prêtre de Phex et les CS associées.
Pour quand DanRev aura des PA à dépenser... :)
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Nouveaux styles de combat issus du Compendium II

Armed fighting styles

Ayshara style
The infamous Ayshara is a member of the Mada Basari and has performed many heroic deeds on behalf of the Iranian merchant organizations. She also developed her own fighting style based on a special technique. Someone who has mastered this technique can throw projectiles such as throwing stars and daggers precisely and penetrate them much deeper.
I don't want to. The result is much more painful injuries from the small projectiles.

Balboram style
The son of Bromosch, the brilliant dwarf Balboram is the fighting technique developed by the dwarven Cavalier most commonly used technique. Although are dwarf cavaliers. outside the people of Brilliant dwarfs rare, but you can't stand the fighting style, with a brilliant dwarf Buckler and a the same short sword is executed, do not take that he is a gifted technology is off the defensive. If the expert succeeds in of this style, he provides a way to fend off an attack immediately has a small advantage over his opponent.
This style can only be learned by dwarves.

Ederion style
The Elf Ederion Wipfelglanz belongs next to the red Arrow to the most legendary elven archers. Ederion's fighting technique relies on a fast, surprising
Attack at the beginning of a fight, right away. whether with an elven Aleeza or an elven bow.
The opponent is surprised so much that the eleven immediately a small advantage in battle. This style of first strike Ederion was important to infiltrate like orcs, goblins or humans from the hunting grounds to keep away from his clan and fight them effectively.
Meanwhile the style is common with many elves. This style can only be learned by elves.

Fasar blood pit style
In Fasar exists an arena, which has a bad reputation and only the blood pits. Fight there, the unrighteous, the desperate and the unfree for life and limb. There are no rules as to who first If he strikes, it increases his chances of staying alive.
All tricks are allowed, no matter how dirty they are. The style of a Fazar blood gladiator has nothing to do with To do finesse or glory, it's just about that, to switch off his counterpart quickly and effectively, if necessary even with unrondrian methods.

Basically, it is not a style invented by a teacher, but a technique widely used by guardsmen in combat. Basically, guardsmen are accustomed to being led by a troop leader while trying to execute his orders as well and as quickly as possible. If they are experienced enough, they can not only execute their superior's orders well in combat, but also stun and eliminate their adversaries with a few tricks without seriously hurting them.

Gareth Style
The Garether Kriegerakademie has the reputation of being one of the best schools of equestrian arts. Who is trained here, is above all experienced in the tournament riding and knows to hold itself in the saddle. A connoisseur of this technique is able to control his horse excellently in battle and even in the event of an injury to his rider he is able to maintain control. The most experienced Gareth warriors are also masterly tournament riders who can They know how to use a lance skillfully and how to use it to pierce an opponent in an emergency.

Hardas style
Hardas son of Kurola is a legend even among the anvil dwarves. There is hardly a more glorious adventurer than him. Meanwhile, the hero of many battles has moved on to his knowledge about the
to pass on your martial arts. A student of Hardas knows how to bring down his opponent and then give him the rest. Moreover, Hardas has trained his students to suppress pain and even to
into particularly powerful attacks. It goes without saying that the most effective attack on an opponent is part of the basic training.
This style can only be learned by dwarves.

Irbrasch style
The hill dwarf Irbrasch son of Igorsch developed some time ago a special fighting technique for aiming.
Although the region of the hill dwarves is a quiet one, there may be gangs of robbers or wild animals to keep away from. Irbasch's technique is based on special breathing exercises to suppress the trembling of the fingers.
and aim a crossbow safer.
This style can only be learned by dwarves.

Ishannah al'Kira Style
The fighting style of the Flammenreiher of the Balayan master Ishannah al'Kira is regarded as the most refined and most beautiful fighting technique of all Aventuria. Master al'Kira's style sets the handling of the war fan (in combination with an Amazon sabre). Like no other warrior a Balayan with this style can open or close the fan as needed to use it as a small shield or parry weapon.
In addition, the defense of small bullets with the fan is particularly practiced.

Metessa Galora style
In Almada, the swordmaster Metessa Galora teaches in the tradition of the Almadan Caballeros. Her style is a pure fencing style, which is usually
is executed with one hand with a sword or rapier. By cleverly placed hits, a user of this fighting technique tries to find the gaps of the opponent and bypass his armor.
Moreover, a student of Metessa is very attentive and doesn't let herself be deceived by feints so easily. In spite of her preference for the one-handed
Fencing also teaches Metessa's students to use parry weapons such as the lefthand dagger.

Hand Boron Style
The notorious Hand of Boron is probably the most famous assassin organisation in Aventuria. However, the style is not only common in the hand, but is named after it.
It is based on a fast, deadly sting and tries to decide a fight before it has even begun. Especially surprised victims may not have the chance to defend themselves against their enemies. The style isn't very effective during a long fight, though, as all of the victims have their
techniques are based on a first assault by the assassin.

Neersand style
The warriors from Neersand try to decide a fight as fast as possible. They are skilled in handling long-range weapons such as the bow or the borndorn, as well as the sword in close combat.
Their first attack is always the most powerful, sometimes also the most clever, because the Neersander warriors know that the longer a fight lasts, the better the chance to get hurt yourself.

Odilmar Style
A model for many archers is Odilmar the Brown, a Nordmärker hunter who has an unmistakable style. His shooting technique is difficult to learn, but it ensures an inimitable
Precision that honors even the best archers of the elves. Odilmar's students are also trained to dodge enemy fire more easily.

Pelleas style
The legendary Cyclopean warrior Pelleas of Pailos, considered by many to be a Chosen Rondras, created a fighting style before his disappearance in Uthuria,
based on the skilful use of javelins. With a very specific technique it is possible to increase the speed of use of a javelin and thus use the already powerful weapon even more frequently.

Skirmisher style
The skirmishers' style is actually only a kind of basic training for simple land soldiers, peasant units or troops who have only undergone a short military training in order to be able to work at the forefront of the army. to fight on the front line. At least skirmishers have learnt to provoke their opponents and thus to make them ill-considered to encourage action.

Knight of the new path style
The knighthood of Aventuria has two main orientations: the old path and the new path. While the knights of the old path uphold the old virtues, the new path is more adapted to the tournament system. Knights of the new path are specialists in fighting from the back of a horse. They perform precise, deadly blows and can keep their horse under control even if it has been injured by an enemy fighter and rears up.

Rommilys style
The fighting style of the Rommilys warriors is marked by the virtues of knighthood. Courage, honour and loyalty are held high as well as tactical finesse in battle. The Rommilyser Warriors are very good at tactically positioning small groups of fighters and attacking their enemies at exactly the right time through offensive and defensive maneuvers.
or fend off.

Rondra's protection style
The style of Rondra's protection is mainly for rondrageweihte which was developed next to their rondrakamm nor sword and shield or any other combination of weapons who are carrying the defensive aspect of the struggle. Through its perfect Knowledge of combat procedures can be a prerequisite for the Rondrageweihte so give orders to innocent people to get into to bring security or to position themselves favorably, to give his protégés advantages in defense
at the expense of his own safety.

Sappeur style
A very own style is that of the Sappeure. These warriors are mostly located in tunnel systems which they themselves and therefore are particularly good at it. trained to compensate for poor lighting conditions.
In addition, they are experienced in using longer weapons sensibly. in narrow aisles, without it being necessary for them to Fighting is annoying.

Sarvinio della Monte style
Sarvinio della Monte is a meridian swordmaster who teaches a handful of students in the palace city of Mirham in a style that combines the noble sword society of the Middle and Horass Empire with the lousy tricks of the gladiators in the Al'anfan arena.

Scanlail ni Uinin style
In Havena the great swordmaster Scanlail ui Uinin teaches her students how to fight with the Havener knife, the short sword and the buckler. The style makes it difficult for the opponent to see the attacks being prepared behind the buckler, and makes it difficult to fend off an attack by a Scanlail ui Uinin swordsman.

Naval Warrior Style
On the seas of Aventuria there are numerous armed men on board merchant or warship vessels used for the purpose of Protection of cargo or taken along for war purposes will be. Naval warriors are characterized primarily by a style that is effective on board a ship, and and the swaying of the ship's substructure. easily changes to a favourable position in which she has a great advantage over her opponent in the are.

Tribal Warrior Style
Many tribal warriors of different cultures try to impress their opponent or by wild threatening gestures. Most Tribal warriors who master this style are also proficient in giving their fearsome shouts and gestures to follow deeds.

Tannhaus style
Master Eboreus Tannhaus' style is the one of the master Adersin's very similar. The movements of this style cause problems with the opponent, the correct attack position so that he will often not be able to take attacks but must reposition itself.
In this style, as in Adersin, the fight is fought with a One and a half hands and mostly a plate armor.

Thorwal style
Thorwale warriors are excellently trained, to maintain order in defensive formations. They defend themselves with a shield wall or remain closely together to prepare for their attacks. and not to expose himself in defence.

Valaria style
The elven Valaria fighting style is limited to the use with the bow. Valaria, a famous archeress of the elves, their arrows could be hundreds of Shoot far and wide and hit the target accurately.

vinsalt style
The Vinsalt Academy teaches the pupils the handling of fencing weapons, the one-and-a-half-handed man as well as crossbows and torsion weapons. Depending on whether a Vinsalter warrior must go to war, or he must someone at a banquet in courtly company he can get the right wardrobe for him. and armament shine.

Winhall style
In Winhall, close to the Farindelwald forest Warriors, especially in the fight with
sword, arrow and bow, and trained therein, in the every tree and every bush to its advantage. use it. So it is not surprising that a Winhaller warrior is particularly skilled at defending his case. the immediate surroundings, such as tree trunks, branches or roots, as cover or obstacle for its to use your opponent.

Wulfgar Style
The style of the Wulfgar Wulgarson is among the Thorwalians and other fighters who specialize in throwing axes. legendary. Through a very special throwing technique it is possible for the fighter to throw the throwing axe on the ground, from which it bounces off and only is difficult to predict and continues to fly towards the enemy.

Xorlosch Style
Among all the dwarves is the dragonfighter school in Xorlosch famous. Here dwarven elite warriors are who were still trained in the thousands of years old Tactics of fighting against the dragons taught will be. The fight with worm skewer and dragon slayer is obligatory here, but the knowledge one has during the the training, can be applied to other areas as well.
great beings.
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Sommaire du Aventurisches Goterwirken I (le bouquin sur les dieux et les prêtres)

En français cette fois

Chapitre I : Traditions
  • Aperçu des traditions
    • Structure de la description
    • Objets de cérémonie
    • Trance
  • La tradition de l'église de Praios
    Sceptre solaire
  • La tradition de l'église de Rondra
    Peigne de Rondra
  • La tradition de l'église de Thylos
    Barbe de Thylos
  • La tradition de l'église de Travia
    Sac à oie
  • La Tradition de l'Église de Boron
    bec de corbin
  • La tradition de l'église de Hesinde
    Livre du Serpent
  • La tradition de l'église de Firun
    Couteau de Firun
  • La tradition de l'église de Tsa
  • La tradition de l'église de Phex
    Amulette de la lune
  • La tradition de l'église de Peraine
    Gants verts
  • La tradition de l'église de Ingerimm
    Marteau d' Ingerimm
  • La tradition de l'église de Rahja
    Voile rouge
  • La tradition de l'église d'Aves
    Bâton d'Aves
  • La tradition de l'église d'ifirn
    Manteau d'Ifirn
  • La tradition de l'église de Kor
    Pique de kor
  • La tradition de l'église de Nandus
    Bandeau licorne
  • La tradition de l'église de Swafnir
    Bouclier des baleines
  • La tradition du culte sans nom
    Poignard sacrificiel des sans-nom
Chapitre II : Avancé
  • Règles de liturgie
    • Aperçu des règles liturgiques élargies
    • Coutumes de l'Église
    • Objets Karmiques
    • Pêchés
    • Sermons et visions
    • Zélotes
    • Consécration du sans nom
    • Styles liturgiques
  • Coutumes de l'Église
    • Naissance et initiation
    • Mariage et divorce
    • Mort et inhumation
    • Promesse, serment et vœu
  • Objets Karmiques
    • Catégories d'objets karmiques
    • Béni
    • Consacré
    • Doublement consacré
    • Saint
    • Équipement des personnes consacrées
  • Pêchés
    • Briseur de voeux
    • Briseur de serment
    • Personne sacrilège
    • Damné
    • Liturgies utiles
    • Liturgies contre les impies
    • Pénalité
  • Sermons et visions
    • Le sermon
    • Sermon Capacités spéciales
    • La Vision
    • Capacités spéciales de vision
  • Zélotes
    Les Zélotes Règles
  • Consécration du sans nom
    Les quatre degrés de consécration
  • Styles liturgiques
    • Capacités spéciales de style liturgique
    • Styles liturgiques
    • Courants de Praios
    • Courants de Rondra
    • Courants de Thylos
    • Courants de Travia
    • Courants de Boron
    • Courants de Hésinde
    • Courants de Firun
    • Courants de Tsa
    • Courants de Phex
    • Courants de Péraine
    • Courants d'Ingerimm
    • Courants de Rahja
    • Courants d'Aves
    • Courants d'Ifirn
    • Courants de Kor
    • Courants de Nandus
    • Courants de Swafnir
    • Courants du sans nom
Chapitre III : Capacités particulières
  • Aperçu des capacités spéciales karmiques
  • Capacités karmiques spéciales générales
  • Capacités spéciales de style liturgique
  • Capacités liturgiques spéciales avancées
  • Capacités spéciales karmiques générales
  • Capacités spéciales à Points de destin
  • Style liturgique Capacités spéciales
    • Courants de Praios
    • Courants de Rondra
    • Courants de Thylos
    • Courants de Travia
    • Courants de Boron
    • Courants de Hésinde
    • Courants de Firun
    • Courants de Tsa
    • Courants de Phex
    • Courants de péraine
    • Courants d'Ingerimm
    • Courants de Rahja
    • Courants de Aves
    • Courants d'Ifirn
    • Courants de Kor
    • Courants de nandus
    • Courants de Swafnir
    • Courants du sans nom
  • Capacités liturgiques spéciales avancées
  • Aperçu des capacités karmiques spéciales
Chapitre IV : Liturgies
  • Aperçu des liturgies
  • Bénédictions
  • Liturgies et cérémonies
  • Extensions liturgiques
  • Liturgies
  • Cérémonies
  • Extensions liturgiques (liturgies de l'ensemble des règles)
  • Extensions liturgiques (cérémonies de la règles et règlements)
  • Liturgies selon la tradition et l'aspect
  • Cérémonies selon la tradition et l'aspect
Chapitre V : Professions
  • Aperçu des professions
    Valeurs et package professionnel
  • Professions religieuses (Déités Alveraniennes)
    • Prêtre de Praios
    • Prêtre de Rondra
    • Prêtre de Efferd
    • Prêtre de Travia
    • Prêtre de Boron
    • Prêtre de Hésinde
    • Prêtre de Firun
    • Prêtre de Tsa
    • Prêtre de Phex
    • Prêtre de Peraine
    • Prêtre de Ingerimm
    • Prêtre de Rahja
  • Professions des demi-dieux
    • Prêtre de Aves
    • Prêtre de Ifirn
    • Prêtre de Kor
    • Prêtre de Nandus
    • Prêtre de Swafnir
  • Professions religieuses
    • Amazone
    • Draconite
    • Golgarite
    • Prêtre du Sans-nom
  • Aperçu des professions
Chapitre VI : Archétypes
  • Le prêtre de Swafnir de Prem
  • L'Amazone de Yeshinna
  • Le Draconite de Kuslik
  • La Golgarite du Ravenmark
  • La prêtresse de Rahja de Belhanka
  • Le prêtre de Phex de Zorgan
  • La prêtresse de Khor du mhanadistan
  • Le prêtre d'Aves cyclopéen
  • La Corne de la Légion dorée (histoire)
Nouveaux avantages
Nouveaux inconvénients
Aperçu des avantages
Aperçu des Inconvénients
Nouvelle technique de combat
Nouvelles capacités spéciales de style de combat
Capacités spéciales de combat avancées
Capacités spéciales pour les animaux
Nouveau Matériel
Équipement des prêtres
Livres cléricaux
Objets de cérémonie
Nouvelles armes et armures
Armes de mêlée
Armes à distance
Sources lumineuses et modificateurs visuels
Force physique des êtres faibles
Nouveau statut
Règles des nuées
Informations générales sur les nuées
La taille de base d'une nuées
Espèces de nuées
Capacités liturgiques spéciales avancées et jumelage
Styles liturgiques
Liste de contrôle pour les règles facultatives
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Le "style magique" de l'académie de transformation de Lowangen (la mienne) issu de magie I
Transformations de Lowangen

L'Académie Lowangienne se caractérise par une ouverture particulière vers d'autres traditions magiques.
En plus des formules magiques habituelles de la guilde, de nombreux sorts sont enseignés par des druides, des elfes et même des sorcières.

Règle : L'ouverture à d'autres traditions vous permet d'utiliser certains sorts étrangers avec moins de difficulté. Par exemple, si vous lancez un sort de la tradition elfique, il n'est rendu plus difficile que de 1 au lieu de 2.

Compétences magiques spéciales avancées : Ami des elfes, Co-transformation, Transformateur inégalé

Prérequis : Tradition Compétence spéciale (Mage de Guilde)

Valeur AP : 12 points aventure
Transformateur inégalé

Grâce à cette compétence particulière, un magicien peut transformer des créatures vivantes avec aisance.
Règle : Les sorts du type transformation reçoivent +1 NR (jusqu'à un maximum de 18 NR) sur un test réussi.

Prérequis : style magique approprié
Valeur AP : 25 points aventure

Si un magicien veut se transformer en un autre être, il doit généralement se passer de ses vêtements et se tient nu après sa retransformation.
Grâce à cette compétence particulière, il est possible d'inclure au moins un vêtement léger et un équipement dans la transformation.
Règle : Si le sorcier le souhaite, il peut transformer jusqu'à 10 pierres d'équipement pendant l'auto-transformation.
Seuls des matériaux tels que le bois, la laine ou le cuir peuvent être transformés, mais pas la pierre ou le métal.
Si le magicien dans sa nouvelle forme est blessé et n'est pas guéri, l'équipement montrera un certain montant de dommages pendant la retransformation selon les instructions du maître.

Prérequis : style magique approprié
Valeur AP : 10 points aventure
Ami des elfes
Certains magiciens non-elfiques se sont tellement rapprochés de la tradition des elfes que leur réserve de formules peut être facilement incorporée dans la leur.

Règle : Les sorts elfes traditionnels ne subissent pas une difficulté de 1 comme un sort étranger comme d'habitude. Une seule modification peut également être effectuée.
Cependant, les sorts ne sont pas considérés comme ayant été transférés dans la tradition des magiciens de guilde (voir page 85) ou adaptés (voir page 91).

Prérequis : style magique approprié
Valeur AP : 15 points aventure
Tharabbor tu me diras si je peux envisager de les utiliser...
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Les CS liées à l'"amulette de la lune", l'objet sacré des prêtres de Phex. Issu du livre sur les dieux.

Amulet of the moon

Light of Madamal
Effect: The moon amulet begins to shine and provides for 1 hour as much light as a candle (see rules page 324, bann the darkness with QS 1). The light can only be seen by the Phex devotee and by the goals named by him. Using this ability costs 1 Action and causes 1 Level Trance.
Visual modifiers through darkness are reduced by the light of the moon amulet per 1 step radius as follows: -4/-3/-2/-1 step(s), see page 235.
Prerequisites: Special skill Tradition (Phex church), no special skill Sense for money
Aspect: Shadows
AP value: 5 adventure points

Silent as a shadow
Effect: The Phex devotee can avoid conspicuous noises when sneaking or hiding: door hinges don't squeak, the rotten wood of a staircase doesn't creak, cracking branches can't be heard and so on. Difficulties that can arise from such causes during a test for concealment (sneaking or hiding) can be ignored.
Requirements: Special Ability Light of the Madamal, no special ability Luck of the Fox
Aspect: Shadows
AP value: 12 adventure points

Luck of the Fox
Effect: The Phex devotee can lend the moon amulet to an intelligent creature. If the Phex Consecrated now speaks a Blessing of Fortune (see the rules on page 323) to the wearer, the Blessed not only receives a 1 FP Blessing for a sample, but also the advantage of a gift for the next Skill Test, which he uses within the period of the Blessing. Using this ability costs 1 Free Action, in addition to the time spent on the Blessing (1 Action). The Phex Consecrated cannot benefit from this SF himself. Using this ability causes 1 Level Trance.
Prerequisites: Special ability Light of Madamal, no special ability Silent like a Shadow
Aspect: Shadows
AP value: 12 adventure points

Sense for money
Effect: The phex devotee can use the moon amulet to determine how much money an individual intelligent creature carries with him. The phex consecrated person cannot determine exactly how many coins the person carries, but can give a relatively accurate estimate (for example, at least a dozen silver coins, coins worth about 10 to 20 candelabra, etc.). The target can be up to 16 steps away. With the feeling for money no secret money hides in caskets, secret compartments or the like. The feeling works instantly and holds 1 KR. The use of this ability costs 1 free action and causes 1 level trance.
Prerequisites: Special ability Tradition (Phex Church), no special ability light of Madamal
Aspect: Trade
AP value: 2 adventure points

Honest business
Effect: The Phex Consecrated can use the Moon amulet to create a 3-step radius zone around himself that will cause any cultural creator to avoid dishonest business. All samples for trades that involve fraud or similar dishonest trades,
are made two times more difficult. If the phex consecrated person leaves the zone, the effect ends immediately. Using this ability costs 5 actions and causes 1 Level Trance.
Prerequisites: Special ability Sense for money, no special ability Sense of value
Aspect: Trade
AP value: 8 adventure points

Sense of value
Effect: The phex consecrated person can feel through a touch whether a coin also corresponds to its value or whether it is a product of counterfeiting.
The same applies to counterfeit bills of exchange (e.g. from banks). The use of this ability costs 1 free action and causes 1 level trance.
Requirements: Special ability Sense for money, no special ability Honest business
Aspect: Trade
AP value: 3 adventure points

"Madamal" c'est un autre nom pour la lune en fait. C'est lié à Mada, une demi-déesse associée à la lune et considérée comme la fille de Phex et/ou de Hesinde dans certaines cultures. Elle aurait été punie pour avoir apporté la magie aux hommes.
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Règles d'assassinat et d'assommage... (compendium II en allemand)

Assassination and Stunning Version A

optional rule

A hero may assassinate or stun any person who does not have Fate Points as long as he moves with a MOV of 4 or less and is not in combat. He must approach his victim unnoticed, e.g. by attacking him from behind or sleeping. The hero must succeed in a comparison test on Stealth against Perception (detecting ambushes or perceiving), whereby he automatically finds himself in an advantageous position (see rules page 238). Depending on the situation, the rehearsals can be easier and/or more difficult for the hero and the victim, but in any case they are made more difficult by 0/1/2/3 for awake victims with weapons of the range short/medium/long/overlong. If the hero uses a melee weapon, he must additionally have the possibility to reach his victim with a movement in the same KR. With 1 free action he can now decide whether he wants to assassinate or stun his victim. In both cases a test on AT or RC is necessary, which is facilitated by 10 points (in this facilitation the modifier of the advantageous position is already included).
The victim suffers the status Surprised until the end of the next KR.

If the hero wants to assassinate the victim, the diced DP of the weapon are first calculated with a DP modifier (up to a minimum of 1 DP) and then with a multiplier, depending on the weapon range.
Basic and special maneuvers as well as passive combat special skills cannot be used when assassinating, with the exception of the Precise Sting. However, the TP of the Precise Sting are only added after the above calculations. The same applies to the DP increase by special combat style skills, such as the Hand of Boron Style (see page 133).
Ambidextrous combat cannot be used to assassinate.
The victim's PRO is subtracted from the DPs at the end as usual.

Weapon range | DP modifier | Multiplier
Short | +2 | x5
Medium | +/-0 | x4
Long | -2 | x3
Overlength | -4 | x2

Each die of DP of a weapon beyond the first leads to a cumulative DP modifier of -2 and a reduction of the multiplier from one step to a minimum of x1.

Example: Carolan wants to assassinate a guard with his Heavy Dagger (weapon range short, 1D6+2 DP).
First he gets +2 because of the range briefly in addition to the DP, so that the DP of the attack increases to 1D6+4.
Carolan's player rolls a 3, the damage is 7 DP. The multiplier is x5, which is now offset against the damage roll of 7. Thus the attack deals 35 DP. The guard is switched off.
Arbosch has to take out an orc guard some time later. Arbosch has a rock splitter (weapon range medium, 2D6+2 DP). He doesn't get a modifier by the range, but by an additional D6 after the first he gets a modifier of -2 and the multiplier drops from x4 to x3. So he directs 2D6 x3, 6D6 DP.

When stunned, the opponent suffers the usual weapon damage, but also the unconscious status for 1D6+4 minutes. The victim must take a self-control (Stay Conscious) check at -3 and can reduce unconsciousness time by QL minutes.
If the number of minutes of unconsciousness drops to 0 or less, the victim will not suffer unconscious status.
Stunning is possible with all above fighting techniques except ranged.

This rule makes the game more complex.
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Lundi : (tous les 15 jours) Forbidden Lands PJ (MJ Neuralnoise)
Mercredi : D&D5 - "Curse of Stradh" PJ (MJ Guilac)


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